Welcome to our web site. Before I start talking about my present dog, I would like to mention his ancestors.

In 1986 I picked my first English Cocker Spaniel, not knowing anything about this breed. It was potluck, but fate was on our side.

DINO Z ÝKLEVU (23rd June 1986 - 21st October 2001).
Father: Harold from Blatov / Mother: Deisy Šídlovák.
He was a great dog and what is more he was our first. You probably all started in a similar way. However famous or world-renowned your breeding station is now, you all know that the first dog is special and that you can’t forget him. Dino showed me what is inside a Cocker Spaniel’s head and soul. I owe him for this. Thanks to him I know how enriched and great life with a dog can be. By other words – he was a real friend. He taught me more than I taught him. Together we passed four types o
f hunting examinations and he won the title of Champion of CSFR.

 In 1992 came
HIMZÖHAZI LE MARRON – called “Marko” (6th May 1992 - 4. 1. 2008).
Father: Lindridge Dark Shadow / Mother: Bozótligetti Blue Emotion.
By that time I already knew that I had fallen for the colour orange
roan . I wanted to pick a dog which would enliven the blood of coloured Cocker Spaniels in Czech. Marko also won the title of Champion of CSR. He was registered as a hunting dog and passed three types of hunting examinations.

In October 2002 my friends told me about the birth of 5 orange roan puppies at the Leading-Light Kennel station in Finland. I chose the puppy only from photos I had received by email.

So at Christmas 2002 we added one new member to our family,

LEADING-LIGHT PHENOMENAN – called "Bronzo" (9th October 2002).
Father: Backhills Garibaldi / Mother: Leading-Light Some Like it Hot.
I believe that I made the right choice and that together we have a great time ahead of us. I look forward to my life with my 3rd “orange”. I pro
mised him, and also myself, that together we would achieve as much as I did with my two previous darlings – love, work and dog shows. Can we do it? Only the future will tell.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone, but most of all to my friend Petr Studenik, for all of their ongoing help and advice with grooming and Cocker Spaniel breeding. They are worth it!