Himzöhazi le Marron
Lindridge Dark Shadow
blue roan


Asqquanne´s Omen
Commander of Courtdale
Asquanne´s Leanne
Lindridge Sugar Sweet Cilleine Echelon
Lindridge Silver Charm
Bozótligeti Blue Emotion
blue roan

Varius vom Köhlerwald Raubautz v. Kühlerwald
Topsy v. Köhlerwald
Sághegyi Maggie Fred Havranica
Ajka Srebrny Sen

Himzöhazi le Marron (*06. 05. 1992, photo - 8 years)

Cony ze Støíbrné ulièky (*1996)

Champion CZ, HIMZÖHAZI  LE MARRON, orange roan, (* 6. 5. 1992 – †4. 1. 2008), import from Hungary. "Marko" is a tender, beautiful dog  with excellent, high - hearted head. He was a stud dog in the years 1994 - 1999. His nature was a little labile and nervous and that is why he didn´t  work in fields so often. But he passed three types of Hunting Tests with good results - only  in the I. and  the II. price. His father´s  blood in pedigree was very high quality and in his progeny  you can find any super stud bitches and males. Especially CACIB Cony Ze Støíbrné ulièky (* 1996) Champion CZ Loverboy Petrs (* 1998) and Essex - Ma - Zu - Ka, beatiful, tricolour working dogs. Excellent bitch Champion CZ, SK, Pl, D, CACIB, BOB, BIG Fame ze Záluží  (*2001), she passed three types of Hunting tests and  Freedom For Black  Petrs Izomer promising bitches,which give Marko´s blood to the future generations.

Loverboy Petrs (*1998)
Fame ze Záluží (*2001)
Essex Ma-Zu-Ka
Freedom for Black Petrs Izomer